The Qana (Cana) Grotto, Lebanon


A narrow path aprox. 1.5m wide leading you to the Grotto


Here i'm walking towards the sacred place just few meters to reach the Qana (Cana) Grotto


This is the Qana (Cana) Grotto mentioned in the holy Bible, where Prophet Jesus and disciples took shelter from the heat of the sun


This is a small area just outside the Grotto where one can seat and have a sense of peace and imagine Prophet Jesus was here. Here i'm speaking my mind, I have visited this holy site many times since i was a teen, whenever i come Lebanon i must pay a visit to this holy site of Prophet Jesus (P.B.U.H), and at the same time i feel lucky because my village "Hanawai" is just next to Qana (Cana) village.