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Beirut, Lebanon 


Pope Benedict XVI arrived at the the Lebanese Capital Beirut 14th September 2012




"Why did God choose these lands?


"God chose these lands, to be an example, to bear witness before the world that every man and woman has the possibility of concretely realising his or her longing for peace and reconciliation. This aspiration is part of God's eternal plan and he has impressed it deep within the human heart."


The pope said the conditions for building and consolidating peace must be grounded in the dignity of man.

                                                   (Pope Benedict XVI )

Pope Benedict XVI Lebanon Sept. 2012 pic.12

Pope Benedict XVI 2nd day visit in pictures


Pope Benedict XVI arrived at the Baabda Presidential Palace, east of Beirut, amid the cheers of thousands of Lebanese Christians and Muslims who lined the streets to greet the pontiff and receive his blessing


Pope JP II ad dove Vatican Flag.

Photos taken by Mohammad Azakir, Mahmoud Kheir and Hasan Shaaban