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The Water Jars at the time of Prophet Jesus (Peace be upon him)

This summer, I travelled to Lebanon and visited Cana on the 10th of July 2011 and brought some valueable pictures that I will treasure forever.

Below, you will see new photos of the sacred area where Jesus (Peace be upon him) made one of his miracles by turning water into wine by God's Will. The water jars that are  over 2000 years old are still preserved at there original place in Cana the Galilee Village in South Lebanon, almost 1 Km. from the sacred place of Prophet Jonn (Peace be upon him) and King Hiram's tomb which are located in my village Hanawai

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Here, I'm holding a photo copy of a French photographer who visited Cana in the early 1900s and precisely this sacred place of Jesus portraying the water jars. I bought this copy at the site as I was taking new photographs of the Jars.